Resistant cords

Resistant cords are used for curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls, and back pulls. These upper-body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumbar core stability. The cords can vary in size to accommodate beginners to advanced conditioning. The Resistance cords are also standard included at swimspas from the Fitness Collection.

Swim-Assist Tether System

Besides swimming against the unique River Swim System with use of the Current-Lift Technology,you can use the Swim-Assist Tether training system to add dimension to your range of the swimming options. The Swim-Assist Tether training system will keep you centered in the Swim Spa, allowing you to swim or walk at any speed with minimal friction on joints. This will increase the rate at which you burn calories and strengthen your muscles. The Swimming Tether System is standard included at all swimspas from the Fitness Collection.

Rowing Exercise

All swimspas from the Fitness Collection have a Aquagym Seat in their design. Use this seat when you will do your workout on the Aqua Rowing Machine. A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attach to swivel anchors allowing you to do the full rowing motion. This is an excellent upper-body and abdominal workout. The Aqua Rowing Machine is also standard included at all Swim Spas from the Fitness Collection