Swimspa Energy Deep

33,800.00 su PVM

The Energy Swim Spa, fully featured with a long swim lane and over 100 jets, is an impressive authority in the Passion Spas Fitness Collection. In addition to our Current Lift Technology™, which is an invention of Passion Spas to keep the swimmer prone on the water surface, there is Aqua Rolling Massage™, Intense Therapy Zone™, Therapy Wave Zone™,and Waterfall Massage™, The Energy also includes our innovative Levitation Bed, a top-to-toe full-body massage feature that creates a deeply relaxing floating sensation. Furthermore, with two seats and one lounger, there’s plenty of room to share. The Energy is also divided into a swim and spa section with Dual Zone Temperature. This allows you to stay cool during your workout and then sooth your tired muscles in the hot water of the spa.

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• Išmatavimai: 720 x 228 x 152 cm
• Sėdimų vietų kiekis: 2 vnt.
• Gulimų vietų kiekis: 2 vnt.
• Masažinių purkštukų kiekis: 104 vnt.
• Turbo Swimjets, priešsrovės purkštukų kiekis: 5 vnt.
• Floor Swimjets dugno purkštukų kiekis: 2 vnt.
• Skimmer Bar
• Aqua Rolling Masažas™
• Therapy Wave Zona
• Intense Therapy Zona
• Krioklys
• Levitacijos Masažo gultas
• Starbrite Interjero LED light System Apšvietimas
• Wi-Fi Ready pajungimas

• Hybrid Heating™ Elektrinis Šildymas
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance System
• Ekonomiškas Baseino Cirkuliacinis Siurblys
• Baseino vandens talpa: 16000 litr.
• Baseino svoris be vandens: 1800 kg.
• Current-Lift Technology™
• Reguliuojama River Swim System Tekančio upės priešsrovės įranga

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Svoris1800 kg
Išmatavimai720 × 228 × 152 cm
Swimspa Energy Deep
33,800.00 su PVM